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Investment Strategies

Your investment portfolio should reflect your tax situation, the time horizon for goal achievement and your tolerance for risk. Only with the knowledge of your personal wealth accumulation goals can a financial professional develop a suitable strategy for you.

  • Your financial professional has access to: mutual funds, fixed, indexed and variable life insurance and annuities, investment advisory programs, brokerage accounts, ETF’s, and individual securities.
  • We recommend investment vehicles based on your unique needs.
  • There is no perfect investment…portfolios should be personalized and you should understand the pros & cons of your portfolio.

Because wealth management is an ongoing process, your financial professional is available for consultations and updates as often as necessary to assure you are comfortable with the management and direction of your portfolio. As opposed to “Stock Pickers”, we pride ourselves as “Risk Managers”.

Investment Strategies for Your Financial Plan

If you want to build wealth and prepare for retirement, you need to include the right investment strategies in your financial plan. Your investment portfolio should reflect your tax situation, the time horizon for goal achievement, and your tolerance for risk. Once we understand your personal wealth accumulation goals, our financial professionals can develop a suitable strategy for you.

Because wealth management is an ongoing process, we are available for consultations and updates as often as necessary to assure you are comfortable with the management and direction of your portfolio. As opposed to “Stock Pickers”, we are proud to consider ourselves “Risk Managers”. This means we don’t chase after the unicorn stocks, but we use a strategy that’s more likely to put you on the path to financial success. 

How to Choose Investments

There are many options for choosing the right investments. Since your individual needs are unique, we take our time to understand your situation before creating an investment strategy for you. Here are some examples of the investments we might recommend:

  • Mutual funds
  • Fixed, indexed, and variable life insurance
  • Annuities
  • Investment advisory programs
  • Brokerage accounts
  • EFT’s
  • Individual securities

There is no one perfect investment option that works for everyone. Instead, we believe your portfolio should be personalized, because everyone has different financial needs and goals. We also take our time to make sure you understand what you’re investing in and why. This includes knowing about the pros and cons of each of your investment decisions.

Your Investment Strategy Is Personal

There are as many investment strategies as there are investors, because everyone has their unique preferences and needs. Your investment strategy also needs to consider the tax implications to help you reap the most benefits from your efforts. But the 6 most common investment strategies are these:

  • Short-term
  • Long-term
  • Active
  • Passive
  • High-risk
  • Low-risk

Depending on your financial goals, we may actually combine investment strategies. You could also have short- and long-term investing goals, which will require a different investment approach. We’re here to customize your portfolio to meet your objectives and help you build the wealth you deserve. The first step is to understand what you’re hoping to achieve with your investments. Then we can create an approach that allows you to work towards that goal.

FAQs about Investment Strategies

What Are the Types of Investment Strategies?
The different investment strategies include short- and long-term investing, high risk and low risk investments, and active or passive investments. There’s nothing wrong with choosing any of these strategies. It’s just about what’s right for your financial situation and your goals for your future. Your investment strategy might change over time, too, which is why we recommend doing periodic reviews of your investment plans.

How Do I Set Up an Investment Strategy?
Our investment planners are here to help you create an investment strategy that works for you. First, we get to know you and your specific financial situation. Then we sit down to talk about your goals and when you want to reach them. Then we’ll create a strategy that aligns your values with your goals and helps you get from your current financial situation to the future you’re working towards.

What Is the Difference between Investment Planning and Financial Planning?
Financial planning is the framework, whereas investment planning has to do with the details of your retirement investment strategies. With a financial plan, you create the overall structure. Investment planning will get into the details of selecting the right funds and asset mix, balancing your portfolio, and diversifying your holdings.

What Is Socially Responsible Investing?
Socially responsible investing goes back to your values. While profitability is always an important consideration for selecting investments, we can make sure your investments align with your values. Socially responsible businesses have a positive impact on society, which is why they’re more attractive to investors who let their values and beliefs guide them.

Talk to Us about Your Investments

Are you ready to create an investment strategy that helps you reach your financial goals? Our financial advisors are here to create a personalized plan that helps you meet your goals using your specific requirements and values. Call our team to schedule an appointment to create your investment strategy.

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