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What we offer

A personalized approach tailored to your unique goals and needs

It's easy to find a financial advisor who'll make you a plan. It's much harder to find an advisor who builds you a personalized financial plan without trying to sell you something. 

While many advisors offer a discount on building a plan if you have them manage your assets, we keep the two offerings separate. As an independent, fee-based firm, we're not tied to proprietary products or limited in the services we offer. 

We act as a true fiduciary for our advisory clients, offering and explaining multiple options that we believe will work well for you. Our expert guidance, combined with your power to choose, results in a plan that's completely customized for your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. 

Your plan covers all of the financial issues that your family could face, from making major purchases to mitigating risk to leaving a legacy. And you can leave the execution to us: We'll coordinate the work of all the professionals — your accountant, estate planning attorney, banker, and others — who are part of putting your plan into action. 

If you choose SageCrest to manage your wealth after your plan is complete, we'll collaborate with you on strategies to help you keep more of what you've worked so hard to earn. Over the years, we’ve guided our clients through up markets and down markets — always with an independent perspective, a steady hand, and a view toward the long term.

  • Financial planning
    The process of building your custom financial plan is the first step in working toward achieving your goals. Your plan is based on your total financial picture: your current assets and liabilities, work situation and retirement goals, charitable giving, tax efficiency, and wishes for your estate. It's also grounded in your values, beliefs, and priorities. All of these factors inform your plan and help us create a set of clear financial goals for your short term and long term.

    • Retirement planning: Living the life you envision in retirement means starting to plan early. We'll talk about when you hope to retire and the amount of income you'd like to have. We also explore the amount you’re willing to save and invest today, while you're working; the amount of risk that feels comfortable; and what you hope to pass on to your family and the causes that are important to you. Then, we’ll make a road map that takes all of these factors into account.

    • Business succession planning: Whether you plan to sell your business or hand it over to the next generation, planning for the transition of a family business can be a complex and emotional task. We work closely with you to strike the right balance among your goals for your family, partners, and employees, and to make a plan that anticipates and avoids potential conflicts. A thoughtful succession plan lets you stay focused on your business with the knowledge that you'll be ready when the time comes to transition.

    • Estate planning: We consider an estate plan to be your path toward financial confidence  you'll provide the appropriate benefit to the people about whom you care most. Our specialists coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to build a comprehensive plan that avoids probate costs and covers your will, trusts, business ownership, beneficiaries, and more. We offer strategies to help you address  the needs of your business, provide for your family, and help minimize estate taxes.

    • Charitable giving: To ensure that your gifts do the most possible good for the organizations you support, we'll help you plan your philanthropy. We'll talk about your goals and objectives and the vehicles that can help you meet them, including donor-advised funds, trusts, and gifts of life insurance or appreciated assets. We'll work with your legal and tax advisors so that your giving delivers valuable impact for your beneficiary organizations while reducing your tax liabilities.

  • Investment services
    There's no such thing as a perfect investment — but there's definitely such a thing as an investment portfolio that's built just for you. We consider ourselves risk managers rather than stock pickers, so we develop your portfolio with the aim of getting you to your goals while reducing your level of risk. Sophisticated investment planning tools and market-leading research from our partners at LPL Financial help us select a mix of investment types that you’re comfortable with and that track most closely with your goals. Your portfolio might include mutual funds; fixed, indexed, and variable life insurance and annuities; investment advisory programs; brokerage accounts, exchange-traded funds (ETFs); and individual securities.